About us

Rockarm LLC was founded in 1999. ։ still engaged in the production of bottled natural and carbonated water, carbonated juices and canned food.

In the market of beverages, it is represented by Garni Crystalline and Garni Cola brands,  the precondition of its work during these years is the provision of high-quality, safe products and respect and care for the consumer.

The workshop is equipped with state-of-the-art European equipment, which guarantees the high quality and stability of the products.

The production line, in accordance with world standards, works with a licensed computer program, excludes direct human intervention in the work processes, which excludes all kinds of risks and ensures quality stability in each bottle, and the whole equipment process is supervised by the best specialists in the region.
Thanks to all this, we are trusted by many companies in the RA  foreign market, with which we have become the best partners due to maintaining justice and work order.

Our workshop