Answer. we deliver. We deliver it by the way (much faster than the same day). Just in case there are surcharges, please contact us to find out the details.

Answer. It is advisable to consume the new bottle within 25 days at the latest. The thing is that after opening, the water in the bottle comes in contact with the air (the air enters the dispenser tanks, and from there into the bottle). The 25-day period we recommend is not normative, it is based on our experience. We will try to reduce such communication with you.

Answer. when the dispenser tanks are half empty, նոր a new bottle is inserted, water turbulence occurs (this can be seen if a lot of water is poured into the tanks after the bottle is installed, և a large number of bubbles are observed). From this turbulence, the dust / pollution accumulated on the bottom of the cold water tank, as well as the clusters of mineral salts (in the form of white flakes) formed at low temperatures (because the tank is refrigerating) rise above the catchment level (ie above the pipe to the taps – the pipe starts is a few inches above the bottom of the tank (above the tank wall), so the grains / white flakes in the cup are noticeable immediately after changing the bottle.

Tip Do not drain water from the taps after emptying the bottle so that the tanks do not empty. Install a new full bottle immediately. When tanks are full of water, air (: pollution) is less likely to enter them. Moreover, heating or cooling of empty dispenser tanks can damage the metal of the tanks.

Dispensers are not airtight, they do not clean themselves. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets, and the lower bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Water tanks (especially cold water tanks) come into contact with air, which is the air that enters the tank and then bubbles inside the bottle when water is poured from the bottle into the tank. The more polluted or dusty the air in the area, the more likely it is that the dispenser cold water tank will be contaminated. It is necessary to organize the sanitary cleaning of the dispenser at least twice a year, there is a special video on our website that will help the student. do the cleaning yourself.

White flakes can be caused by ice in a cold water tank. It is necessary to prevent this by means of a temperature regulator at the back of the dispenser.

Answer. There are unscrupulous customers who pour ordinary tap water into our bottles and place it on the dispenser. Pouring other water into our bottle is prohibited by contract. When we notice that one of the customers has not ordered water for a long time, we ask him to return our bottles. Unfortunately, many of these bottles already have the taste of tap water. All bottles are inspected before bottling. In these rare cases, the taste is transferred from the bottle to the water. We are constantly improving the return control of empty bottles to eliminate this problem.

Answer. The dispensers do not have filters in them, as they are designed for water processed for industrial bottling (the water we supply is already filtered). Bottles filled with tap water should not be placed on the appliances, as tap water contains chlorine, the taste of which is transmitted to the water pipes of the appliance, which are made of plastic (taps, cold water pipe, rod, etc.).

Answer. The dispenser MUST be placed away from the sun և’s houseplants.

Պատասխան. շշերի խցաններըAnswer. Bottle caps (caps) have a standard opening, it is rare for dispensers on which it is not possible to place our bottles. There have been one or two cases among our many thousands of customers since 2008. Basic Dispensers և Bottle Caps Match. 

Answer. WFD-410L, WBF-1000LA և WFD-1050 dispensers have a hot water temperature of 75-90 ºC and a cold water temperature of 4-12 :C. The cold water temperature can be adjusted by a knob next to the switches on the back of the dispenser.

Answer. When paying for an online order through the IDram payment system, you save Cashback on your IDram account in the amount of 0.5% of the total amount.

Answer. We were established in 2008, we made the first delivery in November 2008.